Prayer and Praise Corner

Prayer and Praise Corner

Because He turned His ear to me I will call on Him as long as I live. (Psalm 116:2)

The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.(James5:16)

Love is a child of gratitude. Love grows as gratitude is felt and then breaks out into praise and thanksgiving to God. Answered prayers cause gratitude, and gratitude brings forth a love that declares to never stop praying. Gratitude and love move to larger and increased prayer.

Consideration of God’s mercies not only creates gratitude, but leads to a large consecration to God of all that we have and are. Thus, prayer, Thanksgiving, and consecration are all inseparably linked together.

To desire something is not merely a simple wish. In the realm of spiritual affairs, it is so important that one could almost say desire is an absolute essential of prayer. Desire precedes and accompanies prayer. Prayer is a verbal expression of desire. Prayer comes out into the open. Desire is silent. Prayer is heard. The deeper the desire, the stronger the prayer.

Without desire, prayer is a meaningless mumble of words. Such uninterested, formal praying, with no heart, feeling, or real desire, is to be avoided like the plague. Its exercise is a waste of precious time, and no real blessing results from it. 

Prayer requests: Pray for our church family that God will continue to bless each of us. Pray for those in our church family that are facing difficult challenges in health, relationships, mental health, and faith. Pray for our Session as it leads us forward. 

Prayer: Dear Lord God, I praise You because I have been fearfully and wonderfully made. Thank You for loving me. All that I desire is to worship You. Please guide me that my prayers will be accompanied by a strong desire to do Your will. Amen.