Christ is Risen

The Christian Year – April 21 is Easter Sunday, the third of our four major annual Christian festivals (the others being Christmas, Epiphany, and Pentecost).  Easter is the joyful celebration of the resurrection of Jesus (see Luke 24.1-49, and parallels).  On Easter Sunday, we celebrate the power and love of God, which triumphed over the forces of evil and death, reversing the events of Good Friday.  We also re-live the joy of Jesus’ first disciples, as they learned that Jesus was indeed alive again.  As well, we celebrate the promise that all who believe in Jesus will be raised from death to eternal life, just as he was.  Following his resurrection, Jesus appeared to his disciples from time to time over a period of forty days, and then returned to heaven (Acts 1.1-11).

Easter is a season as well as a day; it lasts for 50 days (7 weeks), and ends with Pentecost, the festival celebrating the giving of the Holy Spirit.  The symbolic color for the Easter season is white, signifying joy and celebration.

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