Announcement and Edict

In our recent Election of Elders, three people each received a large number of votes, and have agreed to serve on the Session for another six years.  They are Marg Clark, Margaret Dunn, and Bruce Sneesby.  So, we are planning to officially re-admit them to the Session during the service two weeks from today — that is on Sunday, the 24th of March.

In connection with this, then, there is an official edict from the Session that was read to the congregation March 10.  It is as follows:

Whereas Marg Clark, Margaret Dunn, and Bruce Sneesby, members and elders of this congregation, have been duly re-elected to the Session by this congregation, and have been approved by the Session, notice is hereby given that the Session will proceed to re-admit them to that office  on Sunday, the 24th day of March, in the year 2019, at 10:30 a.m., unless some valid objection has been given to the moderator of the Session within ten days from this date.

Portage la Prairie, Man., 10 March 2019