Annual meeting

Annual Meeting – Highlights of the Annual Meeting held last Sunday, 10 February:

– The financial statements for the General Fund and the Endowment Fund were adopted, as was the proposed budget for 2019. 

– An allocation of $3,000 for Presbyterians Sharing for 2019 was accepted.

– Lisa Sneesby and Keith Kelly were appointed to the Endowment Committee for a further three-year term.

– Raymond Reichelt and Bruce Sneesby were appointed as Congregational Trustees for a two-year term.

– A request from “Rest-A-Bit” to use the church hall temporarily as a shelter for homeless people, for three nights a week during the winter months, was discussed.  Unfortunately, noone from Rest-A-Bit was available to answer questions, so it was left to the Session to follow up on this matter.

– Two small amendments were made to the constitution of the Endowment Fund, following from the decision we made two years ago to decrease the size of the Endowment Committee from 8 voting members to 5.

– A discussion was had on whether to continue having the annual Stewardship Visitation in the spring, or return to having it in the fall, since we have completed the 3-year trial period.  It was decided to keep it in the spring (April-May).

– The future of the Robbie Burns Dinner was discussed.  A number of suggestions were made for dinners we could hold in place of one focusing on Robbie Burns and Scottish culture.

– John presented information on the “Inter-Mission” (sabbatical) he hopes to take in the spring.  He is requesting permission from the Presbytery to take this Inter-Mission for eight weeks in May and June.

– A suggestion was made that, as a fundraising activity, we try screening Christian movies, since we have a projector and screen in the sanctuary.

– We thank Raymond Reichelt for serving as secretary for the meeting, Lisa Sneesby for organizing the lunch, and Margaret McNutt-Reichelt for playing the piano for the opening and closing worship.