Honor Sunday

Honor Gifts – October 22, 2017 is our second annual Honor Sunday.  On this Sunday last year, we introduced a new category of gift that could be given to the Endowment Fund: the Honor Gift.  An Honor Gift is given in honor, recognition, or celebration of a person (living), event, or occasion.  In the past year, Honor Gifts totaling $375.00 were given to the Endowment Fund.  Two were given anonymously, one was given by Garry and Marg Clark in honor of their daughters, and one was given by John Zondag in celebration of his mother’s 95th birthday.  We thank these donors for their gifts!  Honor Gifts can be made at any time, using either your regular offering envelope or a plain envelope.  Make sure to indicate on the envelope that your donation is an Honor Gift, and, if you wish, enclose a note indicating whom or what occasion your gift is in honor of.  Cheques should be made payable to “First Presbyterian Church”.  Amounts given as Honor Gifts will be included in your official year-end receipt for your offerings.  Honor Gifts can be given anonymously, if you wish.