PWS&D Sunday

Feb 5 is “PWS&D Sunday”.  At the invitation of the Session, Erin Whittaker has come to speak to us about the work of Presbyterian World Service and Development, the relief and development agency of our national church.  Erin lives in Winnipeg, and is a member of the national church’s PWS&D Committee.  Donations to PWS&D can be made at any time, using your offering envelope.  Cheques should be made payable to “First Presbyterian Church”.  Donations are pooled and sent off to PWS&D once a month.  Donations can also be made online, using your credit card.  Simply go to, click on the button that says “Donate”, and follow the directions.  Last year, our congregation donated $1,270 to PWS&D, including the appeals for the Fort McMurray forest fire and the hurricane in Haiti.