Announcements May 15


15 May 2022

Welcome!  We extend a warm welcome to our guests, and invite you to sign the guest book at the back of the sanctuary.  Everyone is invited to remain for a cup of coffee in the Church Hall following the service.

Coming up:

– Sunday, 22 May – Deadline for submissions for the May Newsletter

– Wednesday, 25 May – Meal-in-a-Bowl

– Sunday, 5 June – Communion Sunday

Ukraine – PWS&D is accepting donations toward the effort to provide assistance to refugees fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  The most urgent needs are for food, water, and shelter.  PWS&D provides assistance through its partners, the ACT Alliance and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.  Donations can be made through our congregation; just mark your cheque or envelope “PWS&D – Ukraine”.  If you would like your donation to reach PWS&D faster, you can donate online, using your credit card.  Go to, click on “Ukraine Crisis Appeal” or “Ukraine Crisis: Irina’s Story”; then click on the “Donate Now” button, and follow the prompts.  You can check the website also for periodic updates.

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