Announcements Dec 20 – 26

Our in-person Sunday services continue to be suspended, up to and including the 3rd of January, at least.  A “virtual” service will continue to be made available on YouTube each Sunday, however.  John will send out the link as soon as the service has been uploaded each week, hopefully in time for our usual 10:30 service time.  Along with the link, he will send out a full script of the service.  Our Christmas Eve service also will be virtual, and will be made available in the same way.  It should be available by 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, the 24th.  We will have to wait until the first week of January to find out what the new public health orders will be.

This Week in First Church:

– Thursday, 7:00 p.m. – Christmas Eve Service, on YouTube

New Beginnings – We are currently working with Ian Fraser, our New Beginnings coach, on plans for “Phase 4” of the process, the “Introduction to Transformational Ministry” weekend.  It will include a) a workshop for the entire congregation, b) two training sessions for the people who will be leading the small-group meetings, and c) the Sunday service, at which Ian would be the preacher.  Because of the pandemic restrictions, all this will likely have to be done online, unfortunately.  Under ordinary conditions, Ian would come here for the weekend, and meet with us in person.  The dates still have to be determined; the Session has decided that we will need to wait until our Health Region’s status has gone back to “Orange” before we proceed with this phase.

     The small-group meetings (Phase 5) will take place as soon as possible following the Introduction to Transformational Ministry weekend.  Each group will meet four times, possibly once per week.

Bible Study – The Bible study group is taking a two-week break, and will resume on Tuesday,  5 January (the 12th day of Christmas!), with “Week 7” of the study on Ruth and Esther, beginning on page 49 of the study book.

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