Announcements July 19 – 25

Joint Services – For the rest of the summer, we’re participating in joint services with the two Presbyterian congregations in Brandon — First and St. Andrew’s.  This week’s service was recorded this past Wednesday, and a couple of anthems from older services have been edited in.  The service video will be accessible on YouTube, and John will send out the link on Sunday morning, as well as the service script.  Raymond will send out the link and script for the next five Sundays while John is on vacation.  We are doing a sermon series on the Ten Commandments this summer.  John is preaching on Commandment #2 today, and Laura Hargrove will preach on Commandment #3 (Exodus 20.7) next Sunday.  Glenn Ball and Laura will take turns preaching on the four Sundays following, and John will preach again (on Commandment #8) on the 30th of August. 

If you wish to view the online service videos from Trinity United Church after Julie Baker gets back from her vacation (starting 16 August), you can access them through Trinity Church’s website,

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