Announcements July 5 to 11

Joint Services – We will be participating in joint summer services after all this year — although not with the two United Church congregations in town, but rather with the two Presbyterian congregations in Brandon (First and St. Andrew’s)!  The joint services will begin next Sunday (the 12th), and will continue at least until the 30th of August.  They will be pre-recorded services, accessible online, and will be a little more elaborate than our own services have been.  They will feature a sermon series on the Ten Commandments.  The three ministers will take turns preaching, although John will not be involved in the services for the five Sundays he will be on vacation (26 July to 23 August).  This will give us some continuity over the summer — plus, there will be music, which we’ve been missing in our own services. We will announce next week how you can access these service videos.  Sunday’s service, then, will be our final “regular” video service for now.

If you wish to view the online service videos from Trinity United Church after Julie Baker gets back from her vacation (starting 16 August), you can access them through Trinity Church’s website,

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