Condensed Announcements

The coming week in First Church:

– Thursday, 7:00 p.m. – Session meeting

Coming Up:

– Joint summer services begin – Sunday, 30 June

John’s Schedule – John Zondag will be back in the church office Monday, June 24th, and he will lead the service June 30th — the first of our joint summer services with McKenzie and Trinity United Churches.  Many thanks to Charlie Clifford, Keith Kelly, Raymond Reichelt, the WMS Group, and Henry Hildebrandt for leading our services during his absence, as well as to Minho Yoo for serving as our interim moderator.  John’s summer vacation schedule will be as follows:  8-28 July (3 weeks) and 5-18 August (2 weeks).  If a pastoral need should arise during those two periods, please contact Raymond or any other Session member to find out which ministers are available to assist you.

Waxing – The basement floor is due to be stripped and waxed on the afternoon of Friday, 12 July, as soon as the Soup Kitchen is finished for the day.  We will need a few volunteers to move movable things out of the Church Hall and the kitchen starting the Thursday afternoon or evening (the 11th), so that there is as little as possible left to be moved after lunch on the Friday.  Things will then need to be moved back on the Saturday afternoon or evening (the 13th), so that everything’s back in place in time for the service on Sunday the 14th.  Please speak to Keith Kelly (857-5712) or to Mardine if you are available to help with this task.

Full announcements here This will be the last regular posting till September


This Week in First Church:

– Wednesday, 1:00 p.m. – Meeting for Soup Kitchen volunteers

Coming Up:

– Thursday, 27 June – Session meeting

– Joint summer services begin – Sunday, 30 June

Thank you – to Charlie Clifford for leading the service June 16.

Inter-Mission – John will be back on Monday, 24 June.  If a pastoral need should arise in the meantime, please contact Raymond (239-5359) or any other member of the Session, to find out which ministers are available to assist you.  John will not be available to do emergency visits or conduct funeral services while he is on his Inter-Mission.

The Announcements Sheet – If you have any announcements for the weekly announcements sheet, please give or e-mail them to Philip Dunn ( by the Thursday of that week.

Summer Service Schedule – The schedule for our joint services with Trinity and McKenzie United Churches has been drawn up.  Services will be held here at First Church the first three Sundays (30 June, and 7 and 14 July), at Trinity Church the next three Sundays (21 and 28 July, and 4 August), and at McKenzie Church the final three Sundays (11, 18, and 25 August).  A more detailed schedule has been printed in the June issue of the Newsletter.

Outdoor Service June 9

We thank Bruce and Lisa Sneesby for hosting our annual Outdoor Service and Barbecue again this year. We thank them also, along with some other members of the Session, for contributing the food and drinks for the barbecue! Everyone is invited to remain for the barbecue following the service

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