Mission Moment

Investing in the future of our partner churches

Leadership Development grants are an investment in the future. In 2011, with support from Presbyterians Sharing, the Rev. Takuze Chitsulo from Malawi began to study at the University of Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa. In 2016, he graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies and one year later, he was appointed as the new Principal of Zomba Theological College in Blantyre, Malawi. The Rev. Dr. Chitsulo sees his appointment as an opportunity to give back to the Malawian community. In thanking the PCC, he said “You didn’t only educate me, but you taught the whole church in Malawi.”

Presbyterians Sharing invests in partnership


The Christian Year – Feb. 18 is the first Sunday in the Season of Lent, a season of preparation for the festival of Easter.  Lent is a time to work at renewing our relationship with God, and our commitment to living in his ways.  Some denominations emphasize the spiritual disciplines of prayer, alms giving (charitable giving), and fasting during Lent.

The season of Lent originated in the early church as a time when new converts were given their final instruction in the Christian faith, in preparation for their baptism at Easter.  By the Middle Ages, Lent had evolved into a solemn season of penitence and fasting, inspired by Jesus’ forty days of fasting and being tempted in the wilderness (see Mark 1.12-13, and parallels).  The length of Lent was thus set at forty days (not including Sundays, however, since Sunday, being the weekly celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, could not be a day of fasting).  Lent therefore always begins on a Wednesday, called Ash Wednesday, 6½ weeks before Easter Sunday.

The final week of Lent is called Holy Week, and during that week, we commemorate the events of Jesus’ “passion” — his suffering and death in Jerusalem.

The symbolic color for Lent is purple, signifying preparation and penitence.  The color for Holy Week is red, symbolizing Jesus’ blood, shed on the cross.

Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting – Our Annual Meeting will be held Feb. 11.  We will have a pot-luck lunch following the service, and the meeting will begin after the lunch, between 12:15 and 12:30.  A few hard copies of the Annual Report are set out at the back for those who don’t have e-mail.  Those who do have e-mail should have received the Annual Report by e-mail last weekend.  Many thanks to Lisa Sneesby for putting the Annual Report together, and to Gwen Henwood for printing the hard copies!

PWS&D Sunday

PWS&D Sunday – Feb. 4 is Presbyterian World Service and Development Sunday, the day each year when we highlight the work of PWS&D, our national church’s relief and development agency.  PWS&D provides funding for disaster relief as well as longer-term development projects, working through various ecumenical partners, including Action by Churches Together (“ACT” for short) and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.  Although PWS&D has a small staff at Church Offices in Toronto, it has no overseas staff; rather, it provides funding, through its partner agencies, for particular situations as they arise, or particular projects as funding is applied for.  Due to government regulations, PWS&D receives no funding from Presbyterians Sharing, but raises its funds separately, through both regular givings and special appeals.  Donations can be made to PWS&D at any time, using the “PWS&D” line on your offering envelope, or online at www.WeRespond.ca, using your credit card.  Information on projects that PWS&D is funding also can be found at www.WeRespond.ca.