Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting – Our Annual Meeting will be held Sunday, 11 February.  We will have a pot-luck lunch following the service, and the Annual Meeting will begin between 12:15 and 12:30.  We are planning to have the Annual Report ready in time for next Sunday, so that everyone has a chance to read it prior to the Annual Meeting.  Please note that we are looking for someone from the congregation at large to serve on the Endowment Committee for a three-year term (that is, someone who is not already serving on the Session or the Finance and Maintenance Committee).  The Endowment Committee oversees the Endowment Fund, and consists of five voting members, plus two non-voting members.  If you are interested or have questions, please speak to the convener of the committee, Lisa Sneesby.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

This Week is the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, observed annually from the 18th to the 25th of January.  Let us give thanks to God for the progress that has been made over the past century in fostering a greater spirit of mutual respect and cooperation among churches of various denominations.  Let us also pray that further progress may be made.  Many denominations have come a long way from the days when each one considered itself to be the “only true church”.  In many communities, churches of various denominations hold a joint ecumenical (interdenominational) service to mark the occasion, but that doesn’t seem to be the tradition here in Portage la Prairie!

Mission Moment

Ready to go back to work

Presbyterians Sharing is helping to transform the lives of people in Montreal’s Little Burgundy neighbourhood. The statistics for Little Burgundy are grim: 2/3 of children and youth live below the poverty line and 32% of students drop out before finishing high school. But Tyndale St.-Georges Community Centre is helping provide community members with the tools they need to realize their dreams, at every life stage. Tyndale’s employment programs not only teach job search techniques, but also build self-esteem and life skills. Jane shares, “I came to Tyndale during the lowest time in my life, and I decided to give it a shot. I was looking for something to bring back my self-confidence that would enable me to go back to the workforce. And Tyndale delivered exactly what I was looking for. And now I’m strong, I’m back again, and I’m ready to go back to work!”

Presbyterians Sharing helps people transform their lives and realize their dreams

Mission Moment

New Ways to Nourish Families

Who better to learn new farming methods from than a farmer in your community? Through a Presbyterian World Service & Development-supported farmer-to-farmer agroecology project in Malawi, farmers selected for training are able to share their agricultural knowledge with other families in their village. Techniques like composting and intercropping are helping women and men transform plots of land into thriving sources of nourishment. Since learning to plant groundnuts and pigeon peas together on one plot of land, farmer Abel has seen his soil’s fertility improve and his yields double. He and his wife Mercy are incorporating the food they grow into new recipes. “Life has greatly changed for us,” shares Abel.

PWS&D supports food security for smallholder farmers