Mission Moment

Helping families come to life

Presbyterians Sharing supports congregations that are involved in an intentional program of transformation, like Heritage Green Family Church in Stoney Creek, Ontario. Heritage Green’s family style worship welcomes all ages with songs and prayers that make sense to kids and interactive activities that draw families into God’s presence. Every service brings families together, with Christ at the centre. The congregation is working to build strong relationships between neighbours within their community and believes that the stronger a neighourhood becomes, the healthier the families who live there will be.

Presbyterians Sharing builds community

World Day of Prayer – Saturday, March 4th

World Day of PrayerAm I Being Unfair to You?”  written by the World Day of Prayer Committee of The Philippines.  This is an international event that has been connecting people in a meaningful way for almost a century.  Despite being planned years in advance, World Day of Prayer services have a remarkable record for anticipating major events, like the refugee crisis (France 2013), the Arab Spring (Egypt 2014) and the winding down of the U.S. embargo against Cuba (Cuba 2016).  The secret to this depth and insight is the women who plan and write each World Day of Prayer service.  Too often, women have the most intimate experiences of armed conflict, violence, social injustice, and human rights violations.  What might Canadians learn from women of the Philippines, a country on the front lines of climate change, foreign mining and resources interests, a regional insurgency, and social upheaval due to migration, who wrote the World Day of Prayer 2017?  How will we answer the question, “Am I being unfair to you?”  Christians in more than 170 countries and in 2,000 communities across Canada will gather to learn about, pray, and celebrate in solidarity with the women of The Philippines through the World Day of Prayer.  Please join us and invite your friends and family to attend the World Day of Prayer Service on Saturday, March 4th, at Good Shepherd Roman Catholic Church, at 1:00 p.m.  For all those who are attending, please bring 6 cookies each.  Following the service, everyone is invited to remain for refreshments and fellowship in the Parish Hall.


PCConnection – The Presbyterian Church in Canada’s national office is excited to launch the PCConnection newspaper this spring, a fun and informative newspaper that will help connect Presbyterians from coast to coast.  This free Christian publication will keep you inspired, demonstrating our faith in action.  You can subscribe by going to the national church’s website at www.presbyterian.ca.  This new online service will replace The Presbyterian Record, which ceased publication at the end of 2016.

PWS&D Sunday

Feb 5 is “PWS&D Sunday”.  At the invitation of the Session, Erin Whittaker has come to speak to us about the work of Presbyterian World Service and Development, the relief and development agency of our national church.  Erin lives in Winnipeg, and is a member of the national church’s PWS&D Committee.  Donations to PWS&D can be made at any time, using your offering envelope.  Cheques should be made payable to “First Presbyterian Church”.  Donations are pooled and sent off to PWS&D once a month.  Donations can also be made online, using your credit card.  Simply go to www.WeRespond.ca, click on the button that says “Donate”, and follow the directions.  Last year, our congregation donated $1,270 to PWS&D, including the appeals for the Fort McMurray forest fire and the hurricane in Haiti.