Refugee Update

Refugee Update – The Portage & Area Refugee Coalition is planning to sponsor at least two refugee families from Syria.  Over $40,000 has already been donated toward this project.  Task groups have been set up to organize the various facets involved in sponsoring refugees, such as housing, furniture, clothing, transportation, language, tutoring, access to community services, etc.  Volunteers are being sought to assist with these various responsibilities.  A sign-up sheet has been set out at the back of the sanctuary for those interested in volunteering.  A few brochures have been set out at the back as well.  Financial donations can be made through either St. Mary’s Anglican Church or Trinity United Church.  For further information, visit the website  See also the flyers posted on the bulletin board downstairs.

Service of Remembrance and Hope

Service of Remembrance and Hope:  The annual ecumenical “Service of Remembrance and Hope” will be held on Wednesday, 16 December, at 7:30, at Good Shepherd Roman Catholic Church.  This is a service for people who find Christmas difficult because of bereavement or a loss of any kind.  It is organized jointly by the Anglican, Roman Catholic, United, and Presbyterian congregations in town. Each participating church is requested to provide 3 dozen “dainties” for the fellowship time afterward.  If you can provide some or all of this quantity, please speak to John.

Mission Moment

International Day for People with Disabilities

December 3 is International Day for People with Disabilities. When Atanga Yaaji of Ghana was young, he developed an illness that caused him to lose the use of his right leg. While his other siblings got to go to school, Atanga was encouraged to stay home so that his health could improve. Atanga eventually enrolled at the Garu Community Based Rehabilitation Centre—an organization supported by Presbyterian World Service & Development that helps people with disabilities improve their quality of life. Through the centre’s vocational training, Atanga became a bicycle fitter, earning enough money to secure his basic needs. When Atanga’s illness took his other leg, the program continued to lend support, providing him with a wheelchair and training in agriculture. Atanga is full of gratitude for the acceptance, faithful care and training he received at Garu.

PWS&D supports people living with disabilities