Body, Mind, and Soul

Sexuality – The General Assembly of our church is revisiting the issue of human sexuality (after having issued a major statement on the issue back in the 1990’s), in response to a number of overtures (official requests) that it has received in the past couple of years.  The national church has just published a comprehensive study guide on the issue, entitled Body, Mind, and Soul (78 pages, plus an appendix, 119 pages in all).  It is available online ( , as well as in print form.  The electronic version has been e-mailed to the elders; anyone who would like it can request it from either their elder or John (free).  If you would like a hard copy, John can order one for you; the cost is $10.00.  The Session will be taking a preliminary look at the study guide at its meeting in January.


November 22 is Christ the King Sunday, the final Sunday of the Season After Pentecost, and of the Christian Year.  A new Christian Year begins next weekend, with the First Sunday of Advent.

Christ the King Sunday celebrates Jesus’ kingship over the world and over the church, as well as in the lives of individual Christians.  It is an occasion to reflect on what Jesus meant when he said “My kingdom is not from this world” (John 18.36), and what this means for us, who recognize his kingship.

The symbolic color for Christ the King Sunday is white, symbolizing joy and celebration.

Mission Moment

Universal Children’s Day

November 20 is Universal Children’s Day. In rural Afghanistan, young Tasal spent each day helping his father Zaman raise livestock and cultivate crops on their parcel of land. Tasal was happy to support his family, but because he was busy helping his father during the day, he didn’t get the chance to go to school.  Presbyterian World Service & Development’s Girls Education Project team conducted meetings in Tasal’s village to teach members of the community about the ways that an education can help girls and boys access opportunities for brighter futures. At the end of the session, Zaman was inspired to enroll his son at the local school. “I now understand that it is not only his right to go to school but it is also my responsibility to encourage him and support him,” shares Zaman.

PWS&D supports a child’s right to education

Mission Moment

Helping Clean Water Flow in Malawi

Edna Nampelo and her children would suffer for months whenever the well in their small village in Malawi broke down. Since nobody in her community knew how to repair the well, Edna was forced to collect water from contaminated sources. When a Presbyterian World Service & Development-supported water, sanitation and hygiene project was introduced in her village, Edna was keen to participate. She learned how to maintain new water sources for the long-term. Edna can now repair the well that brings clean water to her village. “This will help us to have safe drinking water all the time,” she shares. Enabling communities to take control of their well-being helps ensure lasting hope, health and vitality for families like Edna’s.

PWS&D is creating healthier communities