Mission Moment

Presbyterians Sharing Sunday

Through Presbyterians Sharing, Presbyterians across Canada are sharing in a wide range of ministries.  We encourage and equip congregational renewal and development. We support inner city, native and refugee ministries.  We send mission personnel and provide grants to support and accompany our international partners in leadership development, Bible translation, Christian education, theological education and evangelism. We support theological colleges, ministry candidates and new ministers. We equip congregations for Christian education, worship, evangelism, stewardship, youth ministry, leadership development and justice work.  We host events which bring people from across Canada together to share experiences and learn new skills.  And so much more! Today is a day to celebrate the mission and ministry we are doing together in Canada and around the world, in the name of Christ.

-Presbyterians Sharing is making a difference

Mission Moment

September 21 is the International Day of Prayer for Peace

Ongoing conflict in Syria has left refugees in Lebanon and Jordan in desperate need of shelter, clothing and food. Om Mohammed lives in Lebanon with her three children. Without a husband, she is the sole provider for her family. Presbyterian World Service & Development is helping provide food aid for Syrian refugees like Om through food vouchers. Om is able to purchase essential items like rice, sugar, milk, yogurt, cheese and eggs that will help keep her children healthy and strong. Om enjoys being able to shop in the grocery store and decide which food items she wants to purchase. PWS&D continues to respond to injustices and conflict in our global village.

-PWS&D responds to violent conflict

Refugee Crisis

Refugee Crisis – Are you concerned about the struggles of refugees fleeing Syria?  Do you wonder what we might do in our community to help?  Join us for an open meeting on Tuesday, September 22 at 7:30 p.m. in the parlor at Trinity United Church, 15 Tupper St. S. (use green door off parking lot).  The purpose of this meeting is to determine who is interested, and to explore what resources and options we might have in terms of a response (sponsoring a refugee family, contributing to the efforts of someone else coordinating sponsorship or humanitarian response in Europe, etc.).  If you are interested in being involved but cannot make this meeting, please let us know at Trinity via email trinityu@mts.net or phone 204-857-4471 so that we can keep you in the loop about what happens.

Mission Moment

September 8 is International Literacy Day

In Guatemala, the Francisco Coll School was constructed in a landfill amongst shelters built by families trying to make ends meet by searching through the dump. With the support of Presbyterian World Service & Development, Francisco Coll is providing vulnerable boys and girls with a proper education in a secure environment. One student, Patricia Benavides, has recently graduated with an accounting certificate and plans to pursue a career as a public accountant or an auditor. In a letter thanking PWS&D for its support she says, “You will be always in my prayers and I will remember that thanks to you I am a girl who finished her studies. Please know that you have changed the life of this young woman.”

-PWS&D supports education and literacy training