Comfort Doll Project

Our latest shipment to ICROSS CANADA included 92 Comfort Dolls and 28 Infant Caps. Thank you for continuing to bring smiles to many orphaned children by knitting, stitching, stuffing, and donating postage money for this project.


May 24th is Pentecost, the 4th of our 4 major Christian festivals (the others being Christmas, Epiphany, and Easter).  Pentecost celebrates the giving of the Holy Spirit to the disciples and followers of Jesus, 50 days after Jesus’ resurrection (and 10 days after his ascension), as narrated in Acts 2.1-41.  The Holy Spirit was given to the community of Jesus’ disciples and followers to take Jesus’ place as their teacher and leader.  The Holy Spirit continues to be given today to everyone who believes in Jesus as his/her Savior and Lord.

Pentecost is the Greek name for a Jewish festival called the “Festival of Weeks”, which celebrated the wheat harvest, and came 7 weeks after the Passover festival.  On this day, offerings of the “first fruits” of the wheat harvest were presented to God.  Thousands of Jews from all over the Roman Empire traveled to Jerusalem for this festival every year.  It was in the midst of this international gathering that the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples of Jesus, and that they were enabled to speak in various languages — and were therefore understood by “Jews from every nation under heaven”.

The symbolic color for Pentecost is red, recalling the “tongues of fire” which appeared to Jesus’ disciples in the Pentecost event.

Nepal Earthquake Appeal

Nepal – Presbyterian World Service and Development (PWS&D) is accepting donations toward the aid effort following the devastating earthquake in Nepal three weeks ago.  If you would like to make a donation, you can do so through our congregation (just mark it “Nepal”).  However, your donation will reach PWS&D faster if you donate directly, either by phone or online, using your credit card.  The phone number is 1-800-619-7301, Ext. 291.  PWS&D’s website address is “”.  You can check the website for updates on the relief effort, as well.  For all eligible donations made until Monday, 25 May, the federal government will contribute a matching amount toward Canada’s “Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund”.

May “Granny Jar” Campaign

Grandmothers Giving is beginning its 9th year as a local community group committed to raising awareness of the plight of grandmothers, in sub-Saharan Africa, caring for their grandchildren orphaned by HIV/AIDS. During the month of May, you can add your support to this cause by donating funds to the “Granny Jar” which has been placed on the table at the entrance to the sanctuary. “May is chosen because of Mother’s Day, in the hope that we can think of all mothers and grandmothers globally. All proceeds will be donated to the Stephen Lewis Foundation on behalf of our community. Thank you for helping us help others.”