Mission Moment – CY2014

From July 7-12, 2014, Brock University will be alive with energy as Presbyterians from across Canada come together for Canada Youth 2014. The week of worship, workshops, recreation and faith-filled connections will change lives as people grow in their relationship with one another and with God. Participants return home affirmed and strengthened in their faith, equipped with tools to connect in deeper ways to their congregations. Larissa McCormick from Victoria, British Colombia shares: “Saying Canada Youth affected the way I view my faith would be far too much of an understatement. It has completely transformed the way I perceive my future, friends and relationship with God.” Gifts to Presbyterians Sharing make Canada Youth possible. Please pray for our young people as they gather for this life-changing event. Registration deadline is June 1, 2014.
– A ministry of Presbyterians Sharing

Mission Moment

Translating the Bible in Taiwan
Presbyterians Sharing supports the Rev. Dr. Paul McLean, who works with four indigenous translation teams in Taiwan as they translate the Bible into Amis, Bunun, Drekay and Paiwan. Paul advises the teams as they face many challenging questions, such as how to translate the words for “God” or “Lord” and abstract concepts such as “love”, “peace” or “justice” into Taiwan’s indigenous languages. Paul explains that together they are looking for ways to “communicate the truths about God written down 3000-2000 years ago in the Hebrew Old Testament and the Greek New Testament in a way that both elderly and young people can understand clearly and correctly in their mother-tongue.” It is an ongoing adventure – one that Paul and the translation teams are facing with enthusiasm and trust in God’s guidance. Pray that the words they translate will speak to people’s hearts.                         – A ministry of Presbyterians Sharing

Restoring Livelihoods in the Philippines

Dawahon Island, Philippines, is home to over 4,000 residents, many of them reliant on fishing and seaweed farming to sustain themselves and take care of their families.

The storm surge caused by Typhoon Haiyan swept through coastal communities like this one, damaging the coastline and plant life, smashing boats and rendering nets and traps unusable.

PWS&D, along with our partners at Canadian Foodgrains Bank, are helping to replace sets of fish traps,  Rehabilitate seaweed farming infrastructure, and supply cash for work to clean up the coast and restore the environment.

By assisting families to clean up the coastline and strengthen the once thriving marine industry, we can ensure that women, men and children affected by the typhoon have sufficient safe and nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life.

Roofing Project Update

Good News – This past week, we received a very generous donation of $3,000 for the Roof Project!  We now have enough money on hand to repay our loan in full, and the Finance & Maintenance Committee has therefore decided to do so immediately.  This means that we have managed to raise most of money we needed within just 6 months (some money had already been donated in 2012, plus we received the $10,000 grant from the Presbytery as well).  The response from our congregation has been truly amazing. Thank You, everyone, for your support of this project!


     We are now in the Season of Lent, the fourth of the six seasons of the Christian Year.  Lent is a season of preparation for Easter.  Like Advent, it is a penitential season in advance of a major festival.  It is a time for us to give increased attention to our struggle against our sinful impulses and the sinful pressures of the world around us, and to seek to become more like God in our attitudes and actions.  In some denominations, Lent is a time when the disciplines of fasting, almsgiving (giving to the poor), and prayer are emphasized (see Matthew 6.1-18).

     The season of Lent originated in the early centuries of the church as a time when new converts (called “catechumens”), mainly adults, were given their final instruction in the Christian faith, in preparation for their baptism on Easter Sunday.  By the Middle Ages, however, Lent had evolved into a solemn season of penitence and fasting for all Christians, inspired by Jesus’ 40 days of fasting and being tempted in the wilderness (Matthew 4.1-11 and parallels).  The length of Lent was therefore set at 40 days (not including Sundays, however, since Sunday, the weekly celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, could not be a day of fasting).  So Lent always begins on a Wednesday, 6½ weeks before Easter — Ash Wednesday.  Since the date of Easter changes from year to year, the date of Ash Wednesday also changes each year.

     The final week of Lent is called Holy Week, and during that week we commemorate the events of Jesus’ “Passion” — his suffering and death in Jerusalem.

     The symbolic color for Lent is purple, signifying preparation and penitence.  The color for Holy Week is red, symbolizing Jesus’ blood, shed on the cross.